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What those who know me say seems more important than anything I can think of to say about myself. People who have worked and played with me over the years use words like "calm," "assuring," "playful," "witty," "geeky," "amusing," and rather frequently, "brilliant," to describe me. Really. Personally, I'm better at dwelling on my shortcomings so I had to think hard to make this list.

 How have I applied and employed myself is perhaps telling too. My course has covered a breadth of areas, most of which is integrated into how I work now. At 19 my desire was to be a cinematographer. I was quite successful at shoes in High School and managed to out-earn many of my teachers - but I guess that isn't saying much considering how poorly teachers are paid. After two years in the trenches of France, trying to peddle the religion I grew up in, I returned to the states to begin college. I studies Political Science and French.

 I cut my studies short to get out of the religious environment of the University I chose and after a time decided to move to New York to be a shoe designer. After a couple of years of that I walked away rather disgusted with the way things worked in the fashion industry. Fortunately, I was keenly interested in computers and continued my education on that topic. Fueled by the fantasies I had about making flying cars and such I transferred to Arizona to specialize in Aerospace engineering. Between not having the math chops for engineering and 99% of the program grads going into the arms trade, I bagged it and moved back to New York. That felt good.

 I took a job with a trading firm, processing trades and doing technical analysis. Being the computer geek I was it wasn't long until I was scheming on how to improve trading performance by writing software. I did this for several years in the most compulsive way possible, working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. You probably guessed that a burnout was coming. I walked away from it, and started consulting small businesses in how to connect their computers together to create greater efficiency. I was offered a job at a new magazine dedicated to computer networking - the first. I was the only one on staff who had any real world experience and I loved geeking around. So they let me build a laboratory for exploring distributed computing with the new products that were beginning to flood the market.

 If you were guessing that another change was coming you were right. At the top of my game and industry fame I took a u-turn - to the arts. I began studying acting. Theater was an instant passion. I drama over several years, culminating in a director training program. My thesis project was to put on a play. I scraped together everything I had to put together a play that had my heart and soul in it even though I didn't write it. I cast some wonderful actors - among them was Edward Norton. Here is a little clip of it. Edward was cast in a big screen picture during the run of my play and the rest is, as they say, history. However, the let down I experienced when the show finished it's run was devastating. I was broke too. 

 Then I decided to make documentaries. I picked up work as a production assistant, an assistant audio engineer, a grip and anything else I could get to get my foot in the door. A very few years later I was asked to manage a broadcast television facility. I wanted to get more than tech skills, and I did. But that didn't stop me with my geek-ish tendencies. First I sold the owners on a first generation non-linear edit system which I installed and maintained. Working closely with freelance audio and video engineers in operating the facility and being a fast learner, I took on most all the technical operation and maintenance tasks and was ready to jump into any role on shoot days. Digital technology was coming to empower video in a big way and I pitched converting the facility to all digital.

 On the day our first all digital production was scheduled I was standing next to a courtyard window some 15 minutes to show time when a loud roar and crashing sound echoed overhead. I sent a couple of PAs to look out the back window and they came back quite agitated, saying that the World Trade Center was on fire. Being a half a block away I got to see more than I wanted to. Two months later I was on a plane to Barcelona, our home on the market and our belongings in a shipping container.

 In Barcelona, I got involved with an ad agency, later becoming a creative director - coming up with concepts and writing copy. It was fun, I learned a lot about getting to the point - the right point, but I was off course. In 2007 I returned to the US, but with the desire for a new context. I found the Bay Area. It has been a beautiful love story.